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      2. Jiangsu Dynamic Chemical Co., Ltd.
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        MAOH Polyethers and End-blocking Products Popular at Home and Abroad
        Release time:2015-06-10

             Due to the presence of double bonds and adjustability of polyether chain segments, MAOH ethers and end-blockers can have addition reaction with active hydrogen or co-polymerize with unsaturated compounds, which can give good lubrication, softness, nice spreading property and stable emulsion to the products. They are widely used in polyurethane soft or hard foam-stabilizer, agricultural organic silicon synergist, construction water reducer, low foam detergent, lubricator, base oil, spinning defoamer, etc.   

             With the hard work of the salesmen and R&D staff in Dynamic Tianyin, the quality of MAOH ethers and end-blockers is leading in China with its light color and high end-blocking rate. 

             The R&D center of Dynamic Tianyin has been inputting more resources into the research for MAOH ethers and end-blockers and the development of the downstream area. We also strive for the development of application and market expansion for new fields. In the meantime, the self-produced materials of EO, PO and MAOH ensure that the MAOH ethers and end-blockers are leading products in China. 

             Welcome customers from home and abroad.

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